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Corporate Video Production is the best way of communicating with your existing and prospective customers in today's highly competitive and energetic world.

The costs of corporate video production are falling and in our digital and computer based world the variety of formats available on which to deliver your corporate video message are many and varied.

CD Mailers, CD Business Cards, DVD, CD Rom, the list goes on and they all provide that important eye catching and professional image of your business.

Small, light and attention grabbing they are the perfect solution to today’s business professionals.

Corporate Video Production has also long been established as an extremely powerful tool for use internally within small and large businesses. Whether it is to convey the company’s business philosophy, annual results at a seminar or conference, or to launch a new product or service, a corporate video production has always been a cost effective and powerful tool to deliver the message concisely and memorably.

At we are always mindful that it is your video and your message, no one knows your business and market place better than you so we don't pretend we do. What we do is listen to you, focus on your wishes and requirements and deliver on them in a timely, budget conscious and professional manner.

Marketing Videos In today's highly competitive markets it is essential, if you want to stay a head of your competition, that you get your message across to your customers in as clear a manner as possible.

Video has long been established as a powerful and cost effective way of achieving this and today the opportunities are even greater. With the continuing development of DVD, CD Rom, CD Mailers, Video Business Cards and the like, the choice of delivery format is even wider while the costs are falling.

Due to the ever decreasing size of the media used the costs to distribute are falling as well and there has never been a better time to use video as an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Whether you have a detailed script of the project you require or just an idea in your head H R Visuals will help turn it into a truly professional video. We will work closely with you in all areas of the production process from the initial concept, script, production, post production and distribution to ensure that the end product truly fulfills your requirements.

So what ever final media your video is ultimately intended for, Broadcast, Video, DVD, CD Rom, Internet or any of the numerous formats that are available today we can help you through the entire process or just a part of it.

You can be sure that you will find us imaginative, professional and friendly at all times.

Training Videos

'A picture speaks a thousand words.'

When you consider that a second of video footage is made up of 25 pictures or frames you begin to appreciate just how many words would be required to replace a half hour video.

This fact alone is undoubtedly the major reason behind the success of video as a tool when it comes to training videos. The human brain can glean information from sounds and pictures far more quickly than it can with words or text.

A video presentation is more tuned to the way our brain works and the portability, reusability and low cost of video production all combine to make it a leading tool in training and educational scenarios.

So whether you are training your staff in the use of a new piece of machinery or educating your customers in how to secure maximum benefit from your services, video is the most effective way to achieve your aims.

At H R Visuals we understand what it takes to make a video captivating and imaginative whilst being informative at the same time. We will produce a script that ensures these principles are adhered to and produce a finished video that is pleasing to watch with content that is easy to absorb.

A professionally produced training video or educational video is an investment not a cost.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of commissioning a corporate video production then call us now on 01275 859687 or if you prefer e-mail us with your requirements. We are waiting to help.


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