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Documentary program making is an area in which we truly indulge our passions as a video production company.

Our documentary film making is essentially divided into two areas - we are an independent in-house production company, commissioning and financing our own documentaries and we also work with other producers, companies and organizations in various capacities in the production of their own projects.

Whilst our own projects tend to fall into the genres of historical docu-dramas and leisure and lifestyle interests, we are happy to avail our services in any genre and will happily work with you on the scripting of the program, its production and post production.

We can arrange locations, actors, presenters, voice over's, props, in fact almost all the requirements of any production.

We believe in attention to detail and apply this philosophy to each and every part of the project as it is this that gives a program its own uniqueness.

We offer script writing services, complete production services and post production services which can be utilized individually or as a complete package depending on your requirements.

We can tailor our services to accommodate any size of budget whilst maintaining our high standards throughout. Some come what may You can be sure that will provide you with the quality product or services to match your budget and on time.

If you feel we may be able to assist you in this area please do not hesitate to call us on 01275 859687 or email us with your plans today, we'd like to help.

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