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The final stage of the Video Production process - Video Post Production or Video Editing process is quite possibly the most important part of the overall production process.

It is during Video Post Production that the hours of footage on tape are condensed and pieced together to create a meaningful story.

The Video Editing process injects rhythm and life into the production creating its mood and atmosphere. This is the phase that can turn a good production into an unforgettable one.

Whilst at H R Visuals we appreciate that video editing is a craft we are also aware that it has an extremely technical side. We therefore use only the latest in Digital Non Linear Editing Equipment for DV, SD and HD to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the production process from beginning to end. It is during 'Post' that errors during the production stage can be corrected ensuring that the end product is fit for whatever format distribution is required on - be it film, broadcast, Video, DVD or the Web.

Using the latest Avid Non Linear Editing Equipment you can be sure that we produce a final master that will deliver to the exact standards you require.

You can be sure that the colour quality is consistent throughout the project and using the latest in video editing software we can create eye catching titles and compositions that will give the production that professional appearance that will do justice to your creative talents.

Whether availing yourself of our editing services alone or as part of our overall production services you can be sure that our eye.

If you would like to make use of our video post production services or to discuss the possibility in more detail please call us now on 01275 859687 or email us with your requirements.

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